Science Magazine was looking to refresh their newest Media Kit. I had designed the kit for the previous two years, and set to developing a new concept for the cover. I was interested in the theme of science as a living, breathing field of study, concerned with the very mechanics of life and the universe. To express that idea I suggested we literally imbue the Science logo with life by building it as a sculptural object with a variety of real materials.
Partnering with photographer Jaime DeMarco, we set out to bring this thing to life.
I began by creating 3D models of the letterforms, which were subsequently 3D-printed. These molds formed the base of the sculptures.
From there, it was a matter of hunting down moss, shaping wires, chipping ice, breeding bacteria, growing mold, haggling with beekeepers, and taking a jigsaw to a circuit board (Jaime reports that it took a helluva lotta elbow grease, and half a dozen blades).
Together we refined every detail, from the curve of the wire "C" to the placement of each flash-frozen bee onto the honeycomb. The final result was captured mostly in-camera.
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